World most followed celebrity on Instagram.

No one else than Cristiano Ronaldo. He had 229 million followers on Instagram with 450 followings and more than 2800 posts. He is the only person in the world who has 200 million followers. He charge 1million dollars for per post according to the sources. Total revenues are 23.3 million dollars.

If want list of world most followed celebrity or something related to it .So please mention in comment section.

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Must know about 40% rule.

Human mind is really an amazing thing. There are lots of things we don’t know about our mind . Our brain is like treasure or a superpower. It can think anything, some people said “what we think we able to do”.

The 40% rule says that when your mind is telling you that you’re done, that you are exhausted , that you can not go any further . That time actually you only done it 40%.

It is cool,motivational,inspirational and have lots of positive vibes.

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Boost your immunity by these foods and get safe from every disease.

At this time of pandemic. We all need to increase our immunity. So I will tell you some immunity increasing foods.

1. Citrus fruits- The citrus fruits are carry high amount vitamin C in them and many minerals. That’s why doctors always recommend as citrus fruits while we are seek. Because they built white cells in our body.

2. Papaya- Papaya is easy consuming fruit not to much expensive and it is having daily required vitamins. It is also effective on viruses. papaya have potassium,magnesium in itself.

3. Ginger – Ginger have virus fighting quality . It is also useable in sore throats. It is heating food. It also helpful in low human body inflammation.

4. Kiwi- Kiwi is adversely effecting on any disease because it have huge amount of minerals and vitamins like potassium,folate,vitamin K,vitamin C.

5. Yogurt and Garlic- They both are so effective on any virus or disease. They have a lots of immunity properties in themselves. Both are easily found anywhere.You can take them particularly or with each other as sauce. It’s your choice. They effect in both situations.

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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award.

Firstly I would like to thank jofina Anna who nominated me for this Award. It’s my first time so I didn’t know how to react on this. People who read this blog must read jofina she writes amazing.


1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back of his or her blog.

2. Answers all the questions.

3. Nominate upto 9 blogger and them 5 new questions.

4. Notifying them by a comment or by visiting their blog.

5. Mention the rules of its and logo.

6. Provides the link of award creator as Rising star,

* So, now my answers to jofina Anna reji.

Q.1 what are 3 things that you want to learn?

= I’m a good learner so, when it came to learn 3 things that will 🏄‍♂️ surfing 🌊 , Guitar, skateboarding 🛹. Or acting .

Q.2 what inspires you to write?

= Basically my own thoughts inspires me to write.

Q.3 One quote motivate you always?

= There are lots of quotes that motivates me it’s hard to choose one but recently I was read a amazing quote that is “ in picture there are 6 legends but in the world there are only 7 and the 7th is now reading it.”

Q.4 what do you want to convey through blogs?

= I just want express myself and my views in front of everyone . Also make a new family with all of you.

Q.5 What do you learn from 2020?

= when it comes to me I learned and even learning a lot from 2020. Can’t tell in words like you never became perfect, sometimes u r ideas work but sometimes not, how important patience is and much more.

* my questions to bloggers whom I nominate-

1 when you was started blogging and why?

2. Name of people who inspire you most?

3. Life most respectful moment yet?

4. Tell your favourite game and player?

5. How you came to know about blogging?

My nominees are:-

1 Amit kothari

2. Shree

3. Ava tripathy

4. Muralikrish

5. Darellphilip

6. Deeksha pathak

7. Pooja g

8. Garima puri

9. Dragon warrior

10. Harbans

Top 3 countries for vacations or visiting.

We see the top 3 countries for vacations. I’m write this blog after a research and overall values of the country according to tourist are included in this blog.

1. 🇮🇹. Italy- Italy is known for its beautiful Italian cities and food. The uniqueness of everything in Italy make it great . The Italian cities like Milan are not described in words.

2. 🇦🇺. Australia- Australia is known for its ethnic diversity in its states. For chilling in Australia there are so many cool bars in Melbourne and Sydney. Beautiful wildlife and seas are there.

3. 🇬🇷 Greece- Greece is the place where tourists spent their perfect vacations. If you looking for sightseeing and other entertainment and unbelievable experience then book a ticket for Greece.

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Who is the best cricket batsman in the world ever?

So it was,it is and it will be the most difficult question in cricket history ever. Who is the best batsman ever ?. We never got it’s appropriate answers because everyone nominated their favourite as the best. But when play neautral then there is only one name which is SIR DON BRAdMAN whose real name Donald bradman.

Questions comes in some people’s mind who don’t know him.

  • Why he, who is he and what he had done?

He is the biggest legend of cricket. He has hold the greatest record of an individual in any sports.

  • He has batting average of 99.94 in his career.
  • He is the only cricketer to score 12 double centuries.
  • He has great records like he was unbeaten while his tour of England and score more than 900 runs in a test series.

His records are uncountable so we stop here.

Who watch cricket and who is a cricket lover please comment their favourite cricketer name and their opinions on blog.

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When lockdown fully over ?

We entered in our unlock phases 1 and 2 but we all feel that we not entered in our normal life.

Schools are not open now . Government officials said that schools will be open on 1st July but there is rush among parents and people against it.

  • You can’t go outside of your house without an appropriate reason.
  • Gym , swimming pool and other activities are not open now.

The answer is lockdown is fully over when the corona positive rate is below than the negative rate of infected patients.

#staysafe #stayhealthy .

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Easy Sources of protein!

Protein is required by every organism to survive in fittest. It gives you power and more energy to consume.

1. EGGS- Eggs are one of the best source of protein. It’s white is fully of protein. It is most famous and easily digestible food.

2. Nuts- They are also contain protein and have good nourishment qualities. That’s why in protein bars you found so much nuts.

3. Almonds- almonds are included in proteins carrying snacks. They also have moisture oil in them.

4. Oats- I think it is the best among all it good for everyone it contains a huge numbers of nutrition. Those persons who wants to built muscles body it is a key for them .

5. Whey protein and milk shakes- As in their names you found protein because they carry a vital protein in them. It is a lengthy one so you can Ask in comments about it.

  • Some others are soybeans,corns,popcorns,bananas and many others. But it is hard to digest them.

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